How's your garden growing? By Kristen Vicente

                I feel like I got my garden going pretty early this year.  I planted everything the first week of June and… nothing happened.  The plants didn’t get much bigger and there were no blooms.  My friend sent me a text with her first squash three weeks ago and I didn’t even have blooms on mine yet!  About a week and a half after this conversation, I picked my first squash, but I feel like the garden wasn’t growing like it has in the past.

                Maybe that had something to do with all the weeds that were staging a take over in my garden.  You couldn’t see the plants from the weeds.  There are just so many things I would rather do than weed the garden.  I kept telling my husband “we” need to get out there and take care of the weeds. “We” turned into “me” doing most of it by myself.  I spent an entire Sunday out there picking weeds.  My husband was busy doing some work, but he did get out there when I was about two thirds done and made the rest of it go much faster. 

                Since then, the garden has really taken off!  I am picking squash every day and my tomatoes are getting close to being ready.  Cucumbers are going to be a while still, but I’m happy with what we are producing, considering what it looked like two weeks ago.  Soon we will have more than we can eat ourselves, so chances are that if you come in for an appointment with Jeff in the next few weeks, there may be some fresh veggies needing a home! 

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